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We Provide Quality Special Finance Leads

It’s common for an auto dealer to spend tens of thousands of dollars each month to get people into their showrooms, without knowing if the audience they are reaching is even interested in purchasing a vehicle.

We generate auto finance leads from our websites from customers who are looking to purchase a vehicle right now.

Our websites focus on a number of keywords, such as ‘car credit‘ and others that customers look for when they are trying to obtain auto financing. The applicants are self described subprime leads, meaning that they believe they have poor credit and don’t want to go from dealership to dealership just to be rejected. Our goal is to connect customers from our websites to a dealership that has the ability to help get them financed and into a car.

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SubPrimeAutoLeads.com is pleased to introduce you to our innovative and proven subprime sales lead generation solutions and dealer programs. Programs that leverage the growing cost benefits of Internet car lead generation over conventional advertising. We produce the industry’s leading qualified applications for your subprime auto sales. Additionally, we provide complete Auto Loan Applications delivered to your dealership by fax/email, 24/7 within seconds of their origination.

Our Web Generated Car Sales Leads come directly from websites that we own. All of our leads are exclusive to your dealership, and are never resold. The best car sales leads come from top search engine rankings which are very hard to achieve, but we have perfected it. Our competetors simply buy their leads directly from wholesalers at a much lower quality. Cyberlead prides itself on having top domain names that achieve top rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo to achieve AAA quality sales leads.

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