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Subprime auto leads are a type of lead that is used to target individuals who have a lower credit score, meaning they may be more likely to accept an offer with higher interest rates. Leads that fall under the category of “subprime” are often those that have lower incomes or credit scores. It is important to understand what “subprime” means in this case so you don’t accidentally target the wrong group of people when purchasing these leads. A subprime auto lead is generally someone who has a FICO score below 620 or another statistical measure of their creditworthiness. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have bad credit; it just means they have a score that indicates they may not be able to get financing through traditional channels.  Subprime auto leads are a valuable resource that can help you make more money in your dealership when used correctly. 

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We continue to service over 600+ dealerships across the United States in the subprime lead generation space.   Our staff strives to provide the best special finance leads in the industry and we appreciate the great feedback from our dealerships.