Car Dealer Incentives

Who doesn’t like a little something extra? When your dealership signs up for a qualifying lead program (minimum 100 leads per month) CyberLead will send a direct mail postcard to every customer that applies on our sites with your dealerships name and contact information. Just another way that CyberLead will help you sell more cars!

Not all leads are the same. Cyberlead generates their leads real time. That means that we get you more customers who are interested in purchasing a vehicle right now. Cyberlead will never sell you a list of leads. All leads provided to a dealership are real time within seconds of the customer submitting the application online. None of our leads are ever multiply sold.

Would you rather call 100 Cyberlead auto leads and get 10 deals in a month, or buy a list of 750 questionable source leads from a competitor and get 8 sales a month? Did I mention that both packages are the same price? Seems like a no brainer. Cyberlead helps you save time, money, and headaches.

The importance of quality leads goes beyond just being able to immediately close a deal. Calling customers who filled out surveys, applied for personal loans, and have no knowledge of ever applying for an auto loan isn’t just a bad lead, it’s bad business. That’s why it makes so much more sense to go with a quality provider like Cyberlead who generates their leads directly from their websites.

Every customer that applies on our sites get’s an email after hitting submit, that lets them know your dealerships name and number and warns them against submitting multiple applications online, as it may diminish their credit score. Some customers need more time to decide? We can send bulk promotional emails to all of the leads that you received. In addition to email tools, Cyberlead also sends a physical mailer to every customer that applies with your dealerships information.

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