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How to Keep Customers Coming Back for Business

While dealerships strive to obtain new customers and new business, another important marketing strategy is retention. Once you have a new customer, in addition to achieving a sale, it is also a crucial opportunity for you to do your best to keep them coming back for your products or services.

A customer’s initial experience with your business, products and staff, regardless of the industry, is an opportunity to show them how you differentiate from your competition and give them a reason (or several reasons preferably) to return again. From a financial perspective it is also much less expensive to retain your current customers than to acquire new ones. The process of acquiring new customers can demand lots of marketing, selling and an increase in other costs in production.  According to an article in Driving there are some obvious actions that your dealership can take to help retain your customers. Following are some essential tips to help you maintain consistent customers and what you can do to win their loyalty.

Say Thanks

While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, regularly thanking your customers is a huge step in gaining their loyalty. Send an email, a handwritten note or even make a phone call to follow up and thank your customers for their business. If customers feel appreciated, they are much more likely to return to your establishment.

Give Them a Positive Experience

A positive experience goes a long way. You not only want to provide a positive sales experience, you should strive to exceed their expectations.  A survey compiled on reveals, “When you make a promise to your customers it’s important that you do whatever it takes to keep it. Customers have a lot of expectations when it comes to any business product and service.”  Communicate clearly, concisely and honestly – this is the easiest way to earn your customers trust and respect.

Ask for Their Opinion

People like to share their experiences and want to feel like their opinions are valued. If you ask for your customers’ feedback you will show them that you care about their needs, which will make them want to return again and again. Feedback can not only help you gain new customers but also make your previous customers feel appreciated.

Building a strong and long lasting relationship is essential for customer loyalty. If a business has a strong relationship with its customers then they will continuously come back for more of its products or services. Smart business owners know that a happy customer will tell friends and family about their services, so it is crucial to give them a reason to spread the word.

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