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How Offering Subprime Loans Can Expand Your Business Reach

How Offering Subprime Loans Can Expand Your Business Reach

When the recession unofficially ended in 2009 and the economy started to slowly gain strength again, car sales also began to increase throughout the nation. Consumer spending was growing and people were buying cars again. It is was not a surprise that over the past several years, with the economy improving, gas was getting cheaper, and it became easier to buy a car with borrowed money.  According to however, in 2016 things started to change. They published an online article in July, 2017 that stated, “The latest monthly motor vehicle sales report released on July 3 paints a grim picture for U.S. car sales. Overall June sales dropped by 3% compared to June of last year—the sixth successive month of lower year-over-year sales.

In addition, the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) predicts a 17% decrease in automotive sales this year.  As a result of these undesirable predictions and statistics, auto dealerships must start focusing on how they are going to market their businesses and expand their customer reach.

Most dealerships focus on traditional advertising and marketing techniques, however to really see a change in sales and increase their customer reach, dealers need to rethink their marketing campaigns and focus on new opportunities to drive more sales, and stop wasting unnecessary ad dollars.

While traditional financing options only target a percentage of consumers, offering subprime auto financing options to customers with less than perfect credit, can help a car dealership to expand their business reach and increase revenue and sales by tapping into a new and extended customer base. This large portion of the population has until recently, been overlooked for potential sales and financing options. Subprime auto loans—which charge higher interest rates to consumers that are considered a high risk – offers a solution to the consumer with bad or no credit, and to a dealership in a sales slump. provides credible subprime auto leads to dealerships throughout the country., a successful program created by CyberLead, Inc. is an innovative and proven subprime lead generation solution. Our lead generation programs leverage the growing cost benefits of internet lead generation over conventional advertising. Through the use of our online immediate application process, subprime customers are vetted and credible leads are sent directly to a local car dealership. The dealers get the lead and then have the opportunity to close the sale.

CyberLead utilizes a strong network of search engine-optimized domains that provide valuable subprime leads to dealerships. As an added benefit, dealerships may use these vanity domains as part of their advertising campaigns. Dealerships throughout the nation have trusted Cyberlead and to help them expand their customer base and increase their business reach.  With the help of Cyberlead and, your dealership will benefit from increased sales, more exposure, targeted marketing and higher customer retention rates. Visit our websites or call 1-866-311-LEAD today to expand your business reach and increase your dealer revenue today.

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