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FAQ's About Our Pricing & More

Costs are dependent on the area and other parameters you are looking for as a dealership.  Our marketing efforts differ in different locations and therefore continue to change our pricing.  Request an appointment to speak with one of our sales reps for current pricing.

From our experience over the years, 1 sale pays for your investment in our program for the month.  Our dealers roughly average a 8-10% closing ratio and therefore should be profiting within the first month if they are working the leads consistently.

We offer different leads promotions throughout the year.  To learn more, contact our sales department to learn about any current promotions.

We run multiple online marketing campaigns that work in conjunction with the many highly ranked websites we own to cultivate real-time leads. 

Here are a few of the many websites we own:,,, and

Leads can be delivered in any way you choose: E-mail, Fax, Text Message, CRM of your choice, and our free web based Dealer Management System (DMS).

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