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Finding Quality Subprime Lenders

You will receive the best quality auto leads from, which help you bring in more customers to your dealership. However, you still need inventory, sales staff, and lenders. To close a deal, you must have all 4 pieces to the puzzle.  You must be able to finance these clients. The list of lenders at the bottom of the page can help you with this.



Subprime customers are in search of used cars usually priced under $20,000. A large inventory of lower-priced automobiles is crucial to attracting customers from the internet to your dealership.

Sales Staff

Sales staffs are more significant than both inventory and lenders when it comes to generating sales. Subprime clients aren't as likely to have good credit, and there is more work involved in making a sale. Salespeople must be able to inform customers of the steps they can take or things they require in order to obtain an auto loan when their credit rating is not sufficient.


It is pivotal to have the proper subprime funding sources available to your dealership in order to put customers properly into cars. Below is an updated list of numerous financial institutional lenders that can aide in providing the proper resources for your customers.

Once you have all three elements listed above, you can take your subprime auto finance business to the next level by purchasing Cyberlead’s subprime auto leads. Our exclusive sales leads will provide you with customers who want to buy a car from a dealership within a specific distance of your dealership.